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November 30, 2023 News

Republican National Convention leaders preview first fall media walkthrough

WTMJ4 MILWAUKEE — More than 400 local, regional, national, and international media partners are expected to walk through the doors of Fiserv Forum on Thursday for the RNC’s first fall media walkthrough.

“We're just going to get into the nitty-gritty of the planning process,” said Elise Dickens, Republican National Convention CEO.

Elise Dickens and Anne Hathaway are just two of the dozens of RNC members who will be on hand to be a part of the technical and logistical briefing.

“We're beginning the process to bring everybody into Milwaukee and to take this arena and break it down into moving parts. We're already starting to spend money in hotels, at restaurants, booking venues, and so this is part of the snowball, the build to next July,” said Anne Hathaway, Republican National Convention COA Chairwoman.

From separate staging areas for different groups to a look at how they plan to welcome the eventual Republican presidential nominee, Dickens says the goal of Thursday’s walkthrough is to give everyone a chance to think ahead.

“These are the types of things that they're going to take back to their outlets and plan accordingly, get their request to us, and we're going to just start this master game of Tetris to put all these pieces together,” said Dickens.

Those with the convention say that while the planning process is still well underway, they are excited to show the media just how ready they are to showcase Milwaukee to the world.

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