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November 02, 2023 News

Local businesses gear up for 2024 Republican National Convention

MILWAUKEE — Just steps from Fiserv Forum sits State Street Pizza Pub, a new Milwaukee business owned by Andrew Fish.

After spending nearly 30 years in the corporate world, the military veteran bought the spot in June.

He says the desire came from his college job, managing a bar.

“I remember enjoying it and talking to the owners and listening to those guys. It helped me study a little bit more on my business degree that I have; just something that I wanted to apply. You know, the U.S. Army paid for my education, I might as well use it,” said Fish.

Purchasing the bar comes at the perfect time.

Next year, 50,000 people will be in the city for the Republican National Convention.

“It's an opportunity for business, hands down. They're talking 200 plus million into the economy next year, I personally want to get some of that,” said Fish.

He jumped at the chance to be included in the RNC Venue Guide, which helps people or groups from out of town get to know Milwaukee.

Fish says what he is most excited about is getting visitors who otherwise wouldn’t have known he was here, which is a big boost for a business less than a year old.

“I’m not going to have a California delegation in my small bar, but I can have a Guam delegation or a Rhode Island delegation or a Massachusetts delegation that are smaller. For those small businesses, it doesn't hurt you at all,” said Fish.

Fish and his team are already hard at work.

“On the planning for next year, right now, nothing specific because it's 10 months out, but I'm using every day, every busy day seeing going back and seeing what worked, what didn't work,” said Fish.

He says he's ready to adjust his plans to whatever the RNC needs, which could include expanding his staff.