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May 20, 2024 News

Local charter bus company lands contract to drive RNC attendees

MILWAUKEE — As the 2024 Republican National Convention approaches, many downtown Milwaukee businesses are preparing for more foot traffic during the convention.

There are also some businesses on the outskirts of Milwaukee that will be making a profit from the four-day Republican event. That includes family-owned charter bus company KB Excursions, which is based in Cudahy. 

Ken Davis is a Marine Air Force veteran and has been a motor coach operator for KB Excursions for over two decades.

Davis said the company recently landed a contract to drive convention-goers this July.

“It’s bringing a lot of revenue in, not only to the Milwaukee area, but it’s bringing a lot of revenue into the small businesses which is really going to help this business grow,” said Davis.

Davis said the company expects to see a 30% boost in revenue in its third quarter this year, solely from the RNC contract. He said the chance to work with the convention was unexpected.

“I am surprised that we got offered the opportunity to work for the RNC because it seems like most bigger businesses usually get most of the work,” said Davis.

Ronald Wingers is a driver and the company’s operations safety director. He’s also a veteran who served in the U.S. Army.

Wingers said he’s excited the company he works for will receive national exposure.

“I just love the job from the standpoint I get to see people from all different walks of cultures and walks of life,” said Wingers.

He said he believes this opportunity will bring the business to a new level.

“It’s going to help promote this company, it’s going to help put us on a stronger leg, building a foundation to grow this business,” said Wingers.

It’s a sentiment Davis said he shares. He said the cost of doing business is high in the motor coach industry and the RNC contract will help drive future growth.

“I see the future growing. I’ve been with the company now since 2000 when they started with two buses and within the last four years, they’ve grown to seven buses, and they probably have enough small businesses around that they could probably as many as 10 buses within the next five years,” said Davis.