About Convention


During what may be the most important election of our lives, it is the job of the RNC’s Committee on Arrangements (COA) to plan a blockbuster, 4-day Convention that will be broadcast across the world. We will host upwards of 50,000 guests in Milwaukee, including the delegates who will nominate the next President and Vice President of the United States.

Thousands of delegates and alternates will be selected by all 56 states and territories. They will travel to Milwaukee, WI July 15-18, 2024, to meet and select the Republican Nominee for President.

We don’t take this important task lightly, and we cannot wait to share with you the details of this incredible democratic event that is so rich in tradition. Milwaukee, here we come!


Michael Whatley
Chairman, Republican National Committee
Anne Hathaway
Chairwoman, Committee on Arrangements
David Bossie
Co-Chairman, Committee on Arrangements
Ron Kaufman
General Chairman, Committee on Arrangements

Committee on Arrangements

Ann Brown, Alaska
Cynthia Henry, Alaska
John Wahl, Alabama
Vicki Drummond, Alabama
Mindy McAlindon, Arkansas
Amata Radewagen, American Samoa
Lori Klein Corbin, Arizona
Jessica Patterson, California
Vera Ortegon, Colorado
John Frey, Connecticut
Leora Levy, Connecticut
Patrick Mara, District of Columbia
Hank McCann, Deleware
Kathy King, Florida
Ginger Howard, Georgia
Shelly Gibson, Guam
Gene Ward, Hawaii
Jeff Kaufmann, Iowa
Stephen Scheffler, Iowa
Tamara Scott, Iowa
Cindy Siddoway, Idaho
Demetra DeMonte, Illinois
John Hammond, Indiana
Kim Borchers, Kansas
John McCarthy, Kentucky
KC Crosbie, Kentucky
Roger Villere, Louisiana
Janet Fogarty, Massachusetts
Nicole Harris, Maryland
Ellie Espling, Maine
Kathy Berden, Michigan
Barb Sutter, Minnesota
Carrie Almond, Missouri
Diego Benavente, Northern Mariana Islands
Frank Bordeaux, Mississippi
Debra Lamm, Montana
Michael Whatley, North Carolina
Kyshia Brassington, North Carolina
Shane Goettle, North Dakota
J.L. Spray, Nebraska
Chris Ager, New Hampshire
Bill O’Brien, New Hampshire
Juliana Bergeron, New Hampshire
Ginny Haines, New Jersey
Tina Dziuk, New Mexico
Michael McDonald, Nevada
Jim DeGraffenreid, Nevada
Sigal Chattah, Nevada
Jennifer Rich, New York
Jim Dicke, Ohio
Steve Curry, Oklahoma
Tracy Honl, Oregon
Andy Reilly, Pennsylvania
Luis Fortuño, Puerto Rico
Joe Powers, Rhode Island
Drew McKissick, South Carolina
Glenn McCall, South Carolina
Cindy Costa, South Carolina
Sandye Kading, South Dakota
Scott Golden, Tennessee
Toni Anne Dashiell, Texas
Robert Axson, Utah
Rich Anderson, Virginia
Jevon Williams, Virgin Islands
Suzanne Butterfield, Vermont
Marlene Pfeifer, Washington
Brian Schimming, Wisconsin
Tom Schreibel, Wisconsin
Maripat Krueger, Wisconsin
Larry Pack, West Virginia
Corey Steinmetz, Wyoming


Elise Dickens, Chief Executive Officer
Elizabeth Looser, Executive Vice President
Camryn Newcomb, Executive Assistant
Cate Dillon, Director of Administration
Maria Giannopoulos, Marketing & Digital Director
Rachel Reisner, Communications Director
Daniel Fisher, Chief of Operations & Production
Wendy Dawson, Media Operations Director
Samantha Sullivan, Hotels & Venues Director
Trent Morse, Chief of External & GOP Affairs
Mariana Herrera, Deputy Dir., External & GOP Affairs
McKenna Skeeters, Dep. Dir. External & GOP Affairs
Shannon Fisher, Deputy Dir., External & GOP Affairs
Paul Formolo, Director of Transportation and Security
Natalie Arwine, Director of Ticketing
Zachary Walz, Dir. of Legal Proceedings & Convention Committees

Frequently asked questions

Want more info about the 2024 Republican National Convention? Below is a list of some of the questions we hear the most:

The 2024 Republican National Convention will take place July 15–18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Absolutely! It’s all hands-on- in Milwaukee, and we would love to have you. We will need volunteers not just for the convention, but for events leading up to it in the coming months – sign up to become a volunteer today!

The Republican National Convention is a National Special Security Event (NSSE), which means that the U.S. Secret Service is the lead planning agency. The 2024 RNC will be the 77th National Special Security Event that the Secret Service has coordinated.

The COA will work hand-in-hand with the Secret Service, as well as State and Local Law Enforcement, as it relates to safety and security of the convention.

At this time, the perimeter requirements have not yet been finalized. Our goal is to make the 2024 RNC easily accessible, while minimizing community impact.

Business owners from across the state are encouraged to take part in the 2024 Republican National Convention! If you would like to make a bid to do business with us, please visit the MKE 2024 Host Committee website and apply to be a trusted vendor here.